Midi moins cinq: Paul Helminger

BIO: A lawyer and father of seven, Paul started his political career in Luxembourg’s diplomatic service in London, Helsinki and Geneva before being appointed Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Gaston Thorn in 1974. Paul then went on to become State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Member of Parliament and Mayor of Luxembourg City — a position he held for 12 years. In between political mandates, Paul has held Managing Director and CEO positions at PC retailer ComputerLand Europe and the consulting boutique SERIE SA.

TALK: With regard to our wonderful little country of Luxembourg, Paul will talk about political failure from a different kind of angle: The potential of failure. Or, more accurately, being at the brink of it. In Luxembourg there is a saying that the time is “five minutes to twelve” meaning that this is the last chance to change the course of things. In the very inspiring speech you are about to hear, Paul describes the most pressing political issues that need to be adressed, before that ticking clock of failure runs out.

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