Retour vers les fondamentaux: Philippe Monchauzou

BIO: Philippe is a specialist in corporate growth and inter-firm collaborations. He co-founded Tenzing partners in 2007, a Consulting and M&A firm based in Luxembourg and Paris. Prior to that, Philippe served several years as Vice President EMEA of Partners sales & Strategic Alliances at SAP. Philippe is Associate Professor at the University of Marne-La-Vallée (Paris), teaching Corporate Growth and Strategic Marketing. He also devotes personal time to help homeless people and to promote organ donation associations.

TALK: In his talk Philippe will raise a very interesting question: what force unstoppingly drives us to distance ourselves from the lucidity and the simplicity of communicating? Why in our explanations of things and events are we missing the essence of the problems at hand and why do we instead complicate things infintely, ending up in denial, distrust an even: crisis? Taking the angle of the entrepreneur, Philippe sees a way out in the “return to the fondamentals”. (in french)

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