Success or Failure – Looking Beyond : Runa Kahn

BIO: Runa is the Founder and Executive Director of Friendship in Bangladesh and founder board member of Friendship International, currently operating in five countries. Educated in Calcutta, Runa’s expertise lies in developing integrated development models in areas such as education, health, livelihood support and emergency relief. Runa has worked as a consultant for leading telecom companies and is the author of eight children’s books, two of which are the best-selling English children’s books in Bangladesh.

TALK: Runa will talk about her work as a humanitarian and entrepreneur in Bangladesh and throughout the world. Through her many social projects, she has learned that failure is always connected to whether you consider something to be possible or impossible. Runa will show us that, beyond the question of failure or success, lies the sense that every experience is an opportunity, forcing us to do better, to improve, be more creative, as the struggle to serve continues.

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