The Ordos Effect: François Thiry

BIO: An architect and urban designer, François was chief-editor of Belgian architectural review A+ before founding Polaris Architects with Carole Schmit in Rotterdam in 2001 and moving the company to Luxembourg in order to fulfill an ongoing series of building commissions. François is founding member of Transition Town Luxembourg, executive board member of the Centre for Ecological Learning (Cell), the Real Estate Association of Luxembourg and a member of the Project Management Institute Luxembourg.

TALK: François will talk about how city councils, developers, planners and architects appropriate the strategies of contemporary art, why it does not always work as expected and which sophisticated ideas support this trend. In this cautionary tale of a new kind, a fallen billionaire, a famous artist-dissident, dozens of architects and other globalized agents meet for better and for worse in the streets of a uninhabited boomtown built on the largest energy reserves of China.

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